Archive 24 June, 2019

Actum4 is invited to Explore Phase by the European Data Incubator

Actum4 has been invited by the European Data Incubator to present their project “DRUINS”: Data Reanalysis for Urban Information from Noise Sensors.

The DRUINS project aims at providing a solution for noise pollution in cities, by analysing through the use of sensors placed around the city the amount of decibels (dB). The University of Cantabria will act as data provider throughout the project. The final beneficiaries will be the citizens of these cities: as a result of the sensors’ analysis, policies will be implemented to reduce noise pollution.

The project will be tested in Santander, Spain. Actum4 is working to run tests in Barcelona, Alicante and Girona (Spain) and Trieste (Italy).

If you wish to read more about DRUINS please follow this link:

Actum4 participates to IoT Week 2019 in Aarhus, Denmark with Synchronicity

Actum4 participated to the IoT (Internet of Things) Week 2019 that took place in Aarhus, an event promoted by Synchronicity.

Actum4 along with KMB Lab took part of the IoT Week 2019 organized by Synchronicity in order to promote Kissmybike. Throughout the week, Actum4 discussed with expert professionals ways to improve the scope of the product as well as strategies to ensure its successful utilization.

If you wish to read more about the IoT Week 2019 please click on the following link: