Actum4 participates to Synchronicity kick-off bootcamp

Actum4 participates to Synchronicity kick-off bootcamp

Actum4 along with KMB Lab participated to the kick-off bootcamp organized in London by Synchronicity.

Synchronicity is a network of cities with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life of citizens through innovation and technology. The goal is to unite cities around the world to agree on common and open standards to create urban, data-driven services based on the needs of cities and communities.

Actum4 and KMB Lab will be promoting and discussing their product, Kissmybike. Kissmybike is a system that allows for tracking devices to be placed on bicycles, helping cities and communities in two main ways: firstly, the devices will allow owners of bicycles to be tracked at all times, including when they are stolen. This will increase the recovery rate of stolen bicycles significantly. Secondly, the device can be used to map cyclists patterns, helping the city to improve its routes.

To read more information about Kissmybike please visit the following website: